Monday, 20 December 2010

Home for Christmas, Please!

It's Christmas at the end of the week and whilst you are being hugged and spoilt by family and friends, there are lots of animals who won't be going home for Christmas; they haven't a home to go to.

Three beautiful dogs are here to ask if you can help them and their friends at SARA find a new home.


"Hello now how did you know my name? Yep it's Terry and I'm just 8 1/2 months old. As you can see I'm not all that big, but I have a huge heart. I just need a new family so that I can show you just how grateful I would be. Please think about taking me, I love Turkey, but never had a Christmas at home yet."

"Hello, my name is Guapo - pronounced wapo- it means beautiful. It's a great name don't you think? As you can see I'm a large dog, a Pondenco and my nature, like all Pondencos is gentle. I'm just over a year old so pretty much grown. I know I'm not smiling very much for the camera, but I'm shy! But please think about giving me a home with you. I'll be the best Christmas present you've had in a very long time. And no, I wont' eat all your Turkey, just the scraps you give me.....!"

"That's a friendly lick before you read my story, thanks for looking at me. My name is Phillip and I am almost five years old. And like me friends above, I am hoping you will give me a home. We won't be having presents or anything at all for Christmas, but if you take me home, it will be the best present I will have had in my life. Have a merry Christmas and don't forget us...please!"

Please click on the link to see all the animals in SARA
And remember SARA can organise a pet to be transported to you if you live in the UK, Germany, Belgium or any other European country.

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