Monday, 24 January 2011

That Four Letter Word - HOME!

I'm called Pera and almost 11 months. As you can see I'm a happy girl, I saw you coming. Jumping with joy to say Hello and hoping it is me you are going to take home!

**Breaking News - I have got a home. I am going home, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how happy I am, lick lick! **

You've got a kind face, thanks for stopping by, please don't leave without taking one of us. My name is Brebon, I'm eleven years old.

No I'm not crying, just wishing for a new home, people to love me and well, I think you can guess...sniff sniff I promise to love you forever! I'm just 7 months, my name is Lula.

Ok I'm having a bad hair day, you can't blame a girl when she's been abandoned. I'm Susi by the way, Yorkshire terrier, 11 years old. I brush up really smart.Go on say you'll think about me and take me home! Something special about me, I have a chip - it is a UK registered chip I am registered in the UK, if you are my owner, please come and collect me...please!

Please visit and help the animals there. SARA can arrange to get the animals to your home if you live in the UK or Europe. There are many dogs and cats all needing a home - thank you for meeting some of them.
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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Just One Wish...A Home!

"Hi, I'm Baxter three years and two months, pretty smart and pretty cute and I'd be pretty happy if you would give me a home. Just say you'll think about it....!"
"I've already spied you looking at me, I've been waiting for you to come and take me are going to take me home?"

                                                                    "My name is Modigliani, your smiling, even I can't manage to say it. But I can purr...a lot. Especially if you give me a lovely home. By the way I'm a little girl aged two years. Please don't leave me here...please!" 
"I'm just 9 months old can you believe I was's true and I'm really a good little boy, just needing someone to love me. You can learn more about me and all my other friends if you visit please click on our link and see if you and your friends can help us. SARA even get us to you, if you live in the UK or Europe, now how cool is that!"

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Wanted List!

"This week me, I'm Asatixa and I'm 3 1/2 months old, and some of my pals at SARA decided to go on the wanted list. I can see the puzzled look on your face already. But we want you to take a good look at us and then add our faces to memory because we don't want you to forget what we look like. More importantly we want you to add one of us to your wanted list like.....wanted a lovely doggy! We are all lovely doggies and we desperately want a loving home to go to. Please remember us and please let one of us come and live with you."

"Hello my name is Paraguas, I'm still a baby at 6 months. If you take me home you can change my name if you want to."

"My name is Chester, I'm 9 years old and I've all my paws crossed that you will be my new mum and dad... please!"

"Mohamed Ali, that's my name, and yes I'm a Boxer, how did you guess? I'm a bit long in the tooth at 16 years, but would just love to spend my last years sitting by the side of a lovely person. I hope you are that person."

"Pirulo is my name and I'm 4 1/2 years old, I'm a big dog with a big soft heart. Help me and my pals find a new home."

If you can help any of these doggies or any other animal at SARA, please contact them, and please, visit their web site

If you live in the UK, Germany, Belgium or Europe, SARA can arrange for an animal to be brought to your home.

Monday, 3 January 2011

If Dreams Could Come True!

"I bet you'll never guess what I'm dreaming about right now? I'm dreaming about sitting on your lap, living in your house and purring all the time because you want me as your pussy cat. I dream this all the time, everyday and even when I'm not sleeping!  I'm Angelica, I'm six years old and I am yours if you will have me."

"I'm Little Lady and I'm dreaming too, but I've also got my eyes and ears open, because I'm looking out for you. I don't want to miss you just in case you say yes and take me home. I'm nearly 11 months old, and like my friend Angelica, I just want to have someone to love and to love me......say you'll think about it."

For more information about Angelica and Little Lady, plus all the other animals ar SARA please visit

SARA will arrange animals to be brought to you if you live in Europe. Animals have been adopted, in UK, Germany, Belgium.