Friday, 1 July 2011

All Help Gratefully Received!

"Hi Guys, I'm Pipo, I'm cute and needing a home, but I know not everyone can take me or one of my pals to give us a loving and happy home. It sadness us all knowing this, but hey ho, that is life. But maybe you could help us in another way, we are looked after here at the shelter because SARA cares about all of us.It survives on voluntary support from local people and donations from kind people. Some people give 5 euros a month, every month, every little helps and the more who can give, the more SARA can do to keep us guys healthy, clean and fed. Here are some of my other buddies, looking for a new home. Not as cute as me....ruff! Thanks for stopping by and for the friendly pat....loved it!"

If you can help giving any of the animals a home or are able to offer assistance at SARA's Shelter, or donate a financial contribution, please contact or leave a comment below and I will contact you. Thank you for taking the time to read about the animals and SARA.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Love & Cuddles Urgently Wanted!

"We are looking for new volunteers to help in our cattery. If you like cats please come and help us out, if possible on a regular basis (for example once a week), to clean and give us abandoned pussy cats lots of love and cuddles. Thank you!... Purrr!"
SARA is based in Lanzarote, Canary Isles

Thursday, 28 April 2011

An Ironman for SARA!

"Let us tell you, the super fit man below, is competing in the gruelling Lanzarote Ironman for us!
Now how cool is that.
All the sponsorship money he receives he will doante to SARA, that means it will help to look after us.
The Ironman is a serious test of fitness all participants have to complete the following to get their Ironman medal...phew I'm exhausted thinking about it.

Swim in the sea - 3.8 kms (2.4 miles)

Cycle - (almost round the island with climbs to 2,551 metres)
distance 180 kms (112 miles)

Run . 42 kms (26.2 miles)

Date: Saturday 21st May 2011

For details on how to sponsor Ben, please read below....big licks and thanks!"

Introducing Ben Warner, competitor number 791, who will be competing in the Ironman 2011 and raising funds for SARA.
Aged 31, he has been running in marathons, Ultra marathons and various other events for seven years since his first marathon in London in 2004.
He has completed the following races :
The Libyan Challenge - 198 km non-stop in the Libyan Sahara
The Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - 100 miles around Mont Blanc through France, Italy and Switzerland with 9,500 meters of ascents - twice
Ironman France Nice – 14 hrs and 45 minutes
His aim is to try for sub 13 hours or maximum 13.5 hours in the Lanzarote - Ironman so fingers crossed.
He has also completed various Ultra marathons and other marathons in the UK but the above races are his main achievements – and pretty impressive they are too.
An animal-lover, he grew up with three dogs and a cat and now owns a one-eyed cat, called Winkie, who was rescued by Ben and his girlfriend from the local cats’ home.
Please support Ben, and SARA, by sponsoring Ben. Forms will be available at Bookswops 1, 2 and 3 and the Book Shop in Costa Teguise.

For further information, please contact Jilly at


Friday, 15 April 2011

Pad, Paws and Whiskers!

"Hi I'm Azul, and sitting here at SARA waiting for adoption, but as you've kindly passed by, I thought you might like to know a few facts. As you can see from the numbers below (2009) many of us four legged friends padded through SARA's door."

Dogs into SARA: 558
Dogs Out: 551 (of which 170 were adopted in Europe and 381 in Lanzarote)
Total dogs in the shelter at 31/12/2009: 163 

Total cats into SARA:  219
Total Out:: 232 (139 went to Germany / Switzerland)
Total cats at the shelter on 31/12/2009: 62

"As you can see from above, SARA works very hard at finding all of us loving homes. I'm having a cuddle to help me cope after being abandoned. I just hope someone will take me home soon and keep me with them for ever, this time."

"If you can help us, or know anyone who would give me or any of my friends a home, please call by or take a look at the web site.
We need you to help us"


Monday, 28 March 2011

Welcome To Our Home

"Hello, my name is Tobita, I'm a two year old female. For the moment I am living with my family, but they can not keep me. If a family will not take me to live with them then I will have to go to SARA.
SARA helps us abandoned animals have shelter and much more, but as kind as they are, I really want a loving home, please can you help me find that?
Today, my four legged friends at SARA thought you would like to see SARA's facilities. Without there kindness we would not even have this shelter, care and food. Come follow me......"

"This is the main entrance. You can sit at the picnic table and cuddle anyone of the animals living here before you take us home."

"Phew, you woke me up, I'm Ringo, yeah yeah yeah, not that Ringo...sigh! Below are some of our kennels, cosy, but your lap would be better.... By the way, I'm in the same position as Tobita, I'm at home, but my family can not keep me. If someone can not take me home very soon, I will have to go and live in SARA. They are nice people, but not the same as having a mum or dad. Please give me a loving home...I can beg if necessary!"

"Below is our medical centre, as you can see, we are well looked after, but we still moan, because we all want a loving home."

"Everything here to keep us healthy, fed and watered, is provided by donations and help from caring people.
We appreciate not everyone can take a cat or dog home, but help by taking us for walks, providing other services to maintain our shelter is always welcome.
The work at the shelter is never ending .
 Just before you leave me and my pals behind, below are to more of my friends who wanted to say hello.
Thanks for stopping by....Gatita and Ringo!"

"I'm Italia, a pretty girl 11 months old...thanks for taking a peek at our facilities."

"Hello my name is Nifu-Nifa, and I'm a little girl. Not quite three months yet, so will make a wonderful pet. If you would like to adopt anyone of my friends, or offer help, please visit us at

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Piggy Banks!

"Hello I'm William, you've met me before here and, like all my friends at SARA, I am still hoping you will take me home and love me. But today as well as asking for your love, I want to tell how SARA tries to find the resources to look after all of us. Because, without SARA we animals would not be feed, watered or even alive!"

Despite continual attempts , SARA does not receive any fixed monthly or annual support from the councils, or the government of the Canary Islands. SARA's income depends on private donations, piggy banks in local businesses, special bric a brac markets, membership of the collaboration of parallel societies in Germany and the contributions of animal lovers from mainly European countries. All these contributions help, but more money is always needed.

SARA cares for an average of 150 dogs and 70 cats, which are subject to veterinary control, food and daily cleaning. There are cage space for dogs, a cattery, a quarantine area for puppies, a surgery , a veterinary practice and a hospital. Currently SARA's team consists of several employees who care for animals, a veterinarian who works 6 days a week plus a group of volunteers. Our goal is to find a new loving and responsible home for these abandoned animals. Our search for these homes travels into other European countries, Germany being a country that has helped SARA homing many animals.
Our success rate is good, but more homes are needed. Every month we find a new family for some 50 dogs and about 25 cats, which have been sterilized, vaccinated and in the case of dogs, microchiped.
But forever animal we find a home to go to, we have more left in need of our care. If you can help our charity, through offering a home for one of the many animals or a donation, please contact.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Best Medicine!

"Hi, I've been told I am the dog of the month....whow!

I'm Leon and was abandoned in the street, and some kind person took me along to SARA. I'm easy going,  love everyone and I am a happy chappy who just wants to be stroked and spoilt. I overheard one of the staff giggle the other that I had stolen their hearts, cute! I hoping that someone will come along and say this and take me home. I'm wishing!
I had a bit of a problem not long after I arrived, lost weight, and was told I had a problem with a kidney. The lovely people at SARA got me fixed up and I doing ok. But a real loving home would be the best medicine I could have....say you'll think about it....!"

If you are looking for a loyal friend, then please consider browsing the photos and information on our web site SARA. We recommend that you come along and visit our premises, take a walk through the shelter and meet the animals. If you decide to adopt a dog, we feel it is important that you take it for walk to help you both bond and make friends. If you decide on a cat, take some time to pet it and hold it. We want you and your chosen animal to be happy together, for life.
To adopt any of our animals you will need to fill in our adoption contract. Our contract asks that you promise to take care of the animal and that you agree to monitoring visits by staff of the shelter to verify that the animal is being well cared for. If the animal has not yet been sterilized you accept to bring it back to the shelter to be sterilized.
To adopt a dog we ask for € 70 this helps to pay towards the cost of sterilization, the first year vaccinations, deworming and micro chip.
To adopt a cat we ask for € 60 this helps to pay towards the cost of sterilization, first year vaccinations and deworming.
We hope you will consider adopting one of our lovely animals,  and you can be assured, a warm welcome awaits you. We at SARA look forward to seeing you!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Time for Walkies!

Hello and thanks for stopping by, these lovely animal are among many more who now live at SARA Animal Shelter; all have been abandoned!
If you can give a loving home to anyone of these, please contact SARA at or myself.

'Hello I'm Doris, so purrfect for you!'


'I am cuddly and cute, and my name is Boliche and I love walks!'

'My name is Gheisa, I'm 5 years old and looking for a lovely home to go to.'
'Im no shaggy story, I'm just a shaggy loving dog alled Toby, 5 yers old and waiting for you to come and take me home.'

'Hello I'm Lupito, thanks for stopping by, maybe we can go for a walk together?'

'My my you look a kind person, please to meet you, I'm Thays, let's go for a walk, please.'

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Home for Tito - PLEASE!

Following the story about Milagros on the Blog below - Cruelty Beyond Words, Hope Beyond Belief,  an elderly man, having heard about Milagros, turned up at SARA'S. Sadly this is another tragic story, but with your help, it might end happily - Tito needs a home now, please read his story and if you can help, please contact SARA at or myself.

Two days ago an elder man stood at the doors of SARA clutching  a scruffy bundle. He explained that his wife was very ill and he had stopped looking after his dog, added, he had completely abandoned it. Asked why he had not given the dog to another person, he shrugged his shoulders, saying, “this is what I am here for”. The dog was handed over to SARA, the dog's name Tito. His condition, almost as bad Milagros. Even though he has all his limbs, there appears to be something wrong with him - possible Parkinson's - Tito shakes a great deal. His age is guessed at around  17 years. He has very few teeth, needless to say eating is a big problem for him.
At SARA we can only guess the man heard about Milagros' story and thought he should do  something with his dog. Poor little Tito. The photos below show you how he now looks after wonderful care from the people at SARA, and how he looked when he arrived, another distressing story. But please, if you can foster him or adopt him, please contact us, he needs lots of love for what is left of his please!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Cruelty Beyond Words, Hope Beyond Believe!

Nothing can prepare you for this harrowing story, but please read. Without SARA's dedication and love for animals, this little doggy would be dead. Told by SARA

You would think that at SARAs we were used to a lot of things, thinking about all the animals that came through our doors, often in very poor conditions. But last Thursday taught a new lesson in cruely.  I would like to tell you the story of “Milagros”.

Everyday we have our volunteers at the animal shelter to walk our dogs  - so urgently need to be taken out of their kennels and burn off their energy. One our ladies had just been given a dog to walk when she suddenly came runnning back to the shelter, hammering against the door, screaming for help, tearsrolling down her face. She told us that she had found a dog in the field dying.

We reacted straight away and asked her to take us there. When we arrived we met a little poodlemixed dog, lying next to a carton box in between the volcanic rocks. The dog's conditions were absolutely horrific and he had been abandoned there in the most cruel way possible. 

We picked her up and took her to our animal shelter.  She was a total Bob Marley, covered in Rastas. Yes, of course, we are used to see dogs with rastas, there are many people that do not look properly after their long haired dogs…. But this was different! Her legs were that covered in dirty hair, it felt like a plaster… not to talk about the smell of this poor little dog!!
When we looked closer we knew where this horrible smell must come from: the poor animal was covered with worms that were crawling all over its body.

We placed the dog on the floor to see if it could walk, realise there was something wrong with one of its legs. But it was impossible to tell, since we could not see anything. We guessed that the paw might be missing. Have a look yourself: (see photos)

What to do now? Well, we decided to just start the work. Three of us with scissors and a shaving mashine tried to cut our way through that fur. But it seemed absolutely pointless. When we finally reached some skin on her belly, we found the skin all red and bloody from the worms that have been eating her alive. There was thousands of white worms white crawling all over the body. The smell got worse and worse with every cut we made.

Then we started to cut the hair off her leg, but it was very difficult without professional tools. We came to some skin, there was holes everywhere, the blood streamed out and with it some more worms. The paw of which we thought was damaged, well it didn’t really exist. It was just her leg with some claws at the end.

When we cut some hanging rastas out of her face we could then see her eyes and found out that she was blind. Her age we guessed at about 15 years.

Here are some pictures that we took whilst cutting her hair. The white points you can see are the famous worms of which we nearly saw more than of the dog:

After one hour we had to give up. We could not do it, we needed professional help. We took her to  a veterinary clinic in Arrecife. They would see what they could do.
There they checked her over, cut her hair and rastas off, cleaned her properly, removed all the worms from her body and decided that her leg has to be removed. They now called us with that new information and informed us that the price for the surgery would be 150€uros. What should we do? How big was her chance? Could SARA afford this?

But we could not say no. We had to give that little dog the chance to live a proper life, the chance to find out how it felt to be loved and cared for, the chance of living a decent life with no pain. This was our hope!!

Later in the afternoon we finally got the much expected phonecall. “Milagros”, that is what we called her, translated means “wonder” she had survived the surgery and was already getting better. It was wonderful to hear this news.

The day after, we could not wait any more, we just had to drive down to visit her. We wanted to stroke her, cuddle her, prove to her that not all human beeings were bad, we wanted her to feel what love meant, we just wanted to be there for her. She was lying in her box, still in pain from the operation, but already eating and drinking on her own. She looked a completey different dog, she was so tiny, so clean! This is her in the clinic when I visited:

But here the story doesn’t end yet! You remember the volunteer that found her and in tears came to get us? The same lady has decided that a dog like Milagros should not go back to the shelter, she deserved something better. She had sufferd so much in her life, and this suffering will now end. She went on Friday afternoon to the clinic in Arrecife to pick her up. She took her home to give her a new caring and loving family.

What ever is was that made that lady go that direction and find Milagros.. what ever it was that made us take it to a vet clinic and give it a chance… what ever it was, it was worth it!! This dog will now live a happy life and will learn what it means to have a home, a family and safety!
This is the last pictures. Milagros in her new home:

SARA not only need help homing their huge family of dogs, but donations to help keep them in good health, fed and sheltered. If you can help in any way, please contact SARA or myself. http://sarapro

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hearts & Licks!

No doubt many of you received cards, flowers, chocolates or gifts from someone who loves you for Valentine's Day. Sadly the animals at SARA received nothing, they sit and wait for someone to love them, cuddle them and take them home.  One or two came along to say hello and shake paws.
Please tell your family and friends and maybe these animals will soon have a Valentines.

I'm Delga, 8 years old, girl

Mercedes is my name, 18 months, girl


Hello, I'm Chucky, a 3 year old boy
I'm Edu, a boy, 2 years old
News Update - I'm going home, I've got a new mummy & daddy...woofing!

My name is Rey Arthur - King Arthur to you!
Update - I'm flying to Germany very soon to my new family...result!

All of these animals and more can be seen at please take a look and help if you can, if not please follow this Blog to keep updated with all new stories and pictures.
Please note SARA can arrange transport of animals to you if you live in UK, France, Germany, Belgium.