Monday, 28 March 2011

Welcome To Our Home

"Hello, my name is Tobita, I'm a two year old female. For the moment I am living with my family, but they can not keep me. If a family will not take me to live with them then I will have to go to SARA.
SARA helps us abandoned animals have shelter and much more, but as kind as they are, I really want a loving home, please can you help me find that?
Today, my four legged friends at SARA thought you would like to see SARA's facilities. Without there kindness we would not even have this shelter, care and food. Come follow me......"

"This is the main entrance. You can sit at the picnic table and cuddle anyone of the animals living here before you take us home."

"Phew, you woke me up, I'm Ringo, yeah yeah yeah, not that Ringo...sigh! Below are some of our kennels, cosy, but your lap would be better.... By the way, I'm in the same position as Tobita, I'm at home, but my family can not keep me. If someone can not take me home very soon, I will have to go and live in SARA. They are nice people, but not the same as having a mum or dad. Please give me a loving home...I can beg if necessary!"

"Below is our medical centre, as you can see, we are well looked after, but we still moan, because we all want a loving home."

"Everything here to keep us healthy, fed and watered, is provided by donations and help from caring people.
We appreciate not everyone can take a cat or dog home, but help by taking us for walks, providing other services to maintain our shelter is always welcome.
The work at the shelter is never ending .
 Just before you leave me and my pals behind, below are to more of my friends who wanted to say hello.
Thanks for stopping by....Gatita and Ringo!"

"I'm Italia, a pretty girl 11 months old...thanks for taking a peek at our facilities."

"Hello my name is Nifu-Nifa, and I'm a little girl. Not quite three months yet, so will make a wonderful pet. If you would like to adopt anyone of my friends, or offer help, please visit us at

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