Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Time for Walkies!

Hello and thanks for stopping by, these lovely animal are among many more who now live at SARA Animal Shelter; all have been abandoned!
If you can give a loving home to anyone of these, please contact SARA at or myself.

'Hello I'm Doris, so purrfect for you!'


'I am cuddly and cute, and my name is Boliche and I love walks!'

'My name is Gheisa, I'm 5 years old and looking for a lovely home to go to.'
'Im no shaggy story, I'm just a shaggy loving dog alled Toby, 5 yers old and waiting for you to come and take me home.'

'Hello I'm Lupito, thanks for stopping by, maybe we can go for a walk together?'

'My my you look a kind person, please to meet you, I'm Thays, let's go for a walk, please.'

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