Saturday, 19 March 2011

Piggy Banks!

"Hello I'm William, you've met me before here and, like all my friends at SARA, I am still hoping you will take me home and love me. But today as well as asking for your love, I want to tell how SARA tries to find the resources to look after all of us. Because, without SARA we animals would not be feed, watered or even alive!"

Despite continual attempts , SARA does not receive any fixed monthly or annual support from the councils, or the government of the Canary Islands. SARA's income depends on private donations, piggy banks in local businesses, special bric a brac markets, membership of the collaboration of parallel societies in Germany and the contributions of animal lovers from mainly European countries. All these contributions help, but more money is always needed.

SARA cares for an average of 150 dogs and 70 cats, which are subject to veterinary control, food and daily cleaning. There are cage space for dogs, a cattery, a quarantine area for puppies, a surgery , a veterinary practice and a hospital. Currently SARA's team consists of several employees who care for animals, a veterinarian who works 6 days a week plus a group of volunteers. Our goal is to find a new loving and responsible home for these abandoned animals. Our search for these homes travels into other European countries, Germany being a country that has helped SARA homing many animals.
Our success rate is good, but more homes are needed. Every month we find a new family for some 50 dogs and about 25 cats, which have been sterilized, vaccinated and in the case of dogs, microchiped.
But forever animal we find a home to go to, we have more left in need of our care. If you can help our charity, through offering a home for one of the many animals or a donation, please contact.

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