Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Best Medicine!

"Hi, I've been told I am the dog of the month....whow!

I'm Leon and was abandoned in the street, and some kind person took me along to SARA. I'm easy going,  love everyone and I am a happy chappy who just wants to be stroked and spoilt. I overheard one of the staff giggle the other that I had stolen their hearts, cute! I hoping that someone will come along and say this and take me home. I'm wishing!
I had a bit of a problem not long after I arrived, lost weight, and was told I had a problem with a kidney. The lovely people at SARA got me fixed up and I doing ok. But a real loving home would be the best medicine I could have....say you'll think about it....!"

If you are looking for a loyal friend, then please consider browsing the photos and information on our web site SARA. We recommend that you come along and visit our premises, take a walk through the shelter and meet the animals. If you decide to adopt a dog, we feel it is important that you take it for walk to help you both bond and make friends. If you decide on a cat, take some time to pet it and hold it. We want you and your chosen animal to be happy together, for life.
To adopt any of our animals you will need to fill in our adoption contract. Our contract asks that you promise to take care of the animal and that you agree to monitoring visits by staff of the shelter to verify that the animal is being well cared for. If the animal has not yet been sterilized you accept to bring it back to the shelter to be sterilized.
To adopt a dog we ask for € 70 this helps to pay towards the cost of sterilization, the first year vaccinations, deworming and micro chip.
To adopt a cat we ask for € 60 this helps to pay towards the cost of sterilization, first year vaccinations and deworming.
We hope you will consider adopting one of our lovely animals,  and you can be assured, a warm welcome awaits you. We at SARA look forward to seeing you!


  1. Oh my goodness. Soméone has to take him. He's too gorgeous to be left out in the cold. Wish it could be me.

  2. Hi Wendy, as always thanks for stopping by, I wish it was you too. Hopefully Leon will go home soon. x