Monday, 20 December 2010

Home for Christmas, Please!

It's Christmas at the end of the week and whilst you are being hugged and spoilt by family and friends, there are lots of animals who won't be going home for Christmas; they haven't a home to go to.

Three beautiful dogs are here to ask if you can help them and their friends at SARA find a new home.


"Hello now how did you know my name? Yep it's Terry and I'm just 8 1/2 months old. As you can see I'm not all that big, but I have a huge heart. I just need a new family so that I can show you just how grateful I would be. Please think about taking me, I love Turkey, but never had a Christmas at home yet."

"Hello, my name is Guapo - pronounced wapo- it means beautiful. It's a great name don't you think? As you can see I'm a large dog, a Pondenco and my nature, like all Pondencos is gentle. I'm just over a year old so pretty much grown. I know I'm not smiling very much for the camera, but I'm shy! But please think about giving me a home with you. I'll be the best Christmas present you've had in a very long time. And no, I wont' eat all your Turkey, just the scraps you give me.....!"

"That's a friendly lick before you read my story, thanks for looking at me. My name is Phillip and I am almost five years old. And like me friends above, I am hoping you will give me a home. We won't be having presents or anything at all for Christmas, but if you take me home, it will be the best present I will have had in my life. Have a merry Christmas and don't forget us...please!"

Please click on the link to see all the animals in SARA
And remember SARA can organise a pet to be transported to you if you live in the UK, Germany, Belgium or any other European country.

Monday, 13 December 2010

In the UK, but Not Quite Home!

"You are just not going to believe this, but I am talking to you from the UK! Yep, friends of SARA brought me here and I'm living at my Foster home for  the moment waiting for someone like you to take me home...please. Here is my story. I guess you've all heard about a cat on a hot tin roof, well I was your dog on a hot flat roof until I was taken in by SARA. That roof is where I had to live, believe you me, it was the worse place on earth. My name is Koki, and the vet tells me I'm a handsome chap around five or six years old and despite my grim life, I'm still a happy doggy. I can even smile. I can!  I'm house trained, I'm happy to mix with other dogs, but let me tell you a little secret, I love the car. So if you are wanting me to come out with you for long walks and we need to get in the car, I'll race you to it. I love walking. You know, before the lovely people at SARA took me, I could hardly walk. Living on a flat roof meant my claws were so curled into my pads I couldn't get about. Tell me you'll think about taking me to your home. As I said, I am in the UK so if you British people want me, please take me because I'm almost at your house. I promise you won't regret it. Come on, say you'll take me. A BIG lick to help you say yes!"

To learn more about Koki and how SARA can help you give him a home please visit:

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Not Too Old for Love!

'As you can see, I'm chilling, but at 15, I guess I can be excused. My name is Peggy Sue, and I suppose you could say I'm a little like the song, Pretty Pretty Peggy Sue, I exaggerate, but just a little! So no doubt you are asking yourself what is this beautiful dog doing on Waggy Tails Blog? I'm here because, my owners had to go back to the UK, they had no choice, health issues, so I am hoping you would think about taking me in. I'm an old lady and just need some tender loving care, lots of cuddles would be just wonderful. Thinking about it already has my tail wagging. The odd walk every now and then would also be nice too. And would you believe this, if you do take me any medical bills will be met by the lovely lady, Margaret. If you think you can let me live with you and you can spare the time to spoil me just a tad, please let WaggyTails know...Thank's my paw, go on shake it!'

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


'Hello you look like a kind person, my name is Escarlata and I am looking for someone like you to let me come and live with them. I did have a home before, but it wasn't very nice. In fact it was so bad that I had to be taken away. I'm now at SARA and they are doing there best, but is there a chance you will take me home? I'm a lovely pussy cat and very good, I love people and I love cuddles. So if you want a cuddly cat, then take me please. I'm not too good with other cats, not used to them, they scare me which makes me not like them. But if you just want one lovely cuddly pussy cat, then I promise, I will make the best pet you have ever had. By the way I am around 6 years old, a nice age don't you think?'

You don't have to live on Lanzatote to help Escarlata, procedures are in place to fly them to good homes in Europe.
For more information about Escarlata and other animals, please visit

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Flying High & Flying Home!

Nene so excited to be going home!
'I'm chasing my tail and going round and round in circles, I am that excited. You can never believe just how happy I am....yep I've got a home to go to and a family to love me. I am going to love that family so much. But before I get to giving them all those licks I have saved up for 5 years, I have a long journey ahead because I am not staying here on Lanzarote. The fantastic family who whose big house and even bigger garden I am going to race around in is in Belgium. You've guessed it, I'm flying there, no of course I'm not nervous, just excited. And as happy as I am, please please don't forget my other friends too; 180 other doggies and they want to go home soon. And if you are like my new family, you don't have to live here to have one of my friends. Everything is sorted to get them to you. Now how cool is that! You can see how cute my friends are by taking a look at SARA...please do. Big licks and don't forget my friends.'

Friday, 3 December 2010

Crossing All Four Paws!

'OK my eyes are just a little sad looking, but then wouldn't yours be if you didn't have a family to love you? This week I've been given the job as the spokesdog for all my fellow inmates at Sara Animal Shelter in Lanzarote. We need you to help us, yep I'm begging....please help us! My name is Nene and I'm 5 years old, so just old enough to behave like a nice doggy and yet still plenty young enough to have some fun with you. I'm a crossbreed podenco and have been at Sara since I was very small. I am cute, I'm very loving with people, a great sociable animal and respectful of other dogs. believe you me, we have to be here, there are around 300 animals! But seriously, please consider taking me home and loving me, I promise I will love you forever! By the way, you can check me out on SARA's web site and at the same time look at all my other inmates, they too want to go home soon.  Sending big licks to you and crossing all my four paws!'

Monday, 29 November 2010

A New Home! - Thank you!

'We would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who read our story and tried to help us. We've been very lucky and we now have a lovely new home with lots of nice people and other animals to play with. Thank you again for trying to help us....big meows!'

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Save our Lives - Please!

'Sadly due to circumstances that can not be helped, we need a new home, if one can not be found straight away, we will have to go to sleep, so please please can someone help. We are house trained and well behaved, we love people and we don't eat too much. We would love you if you would love us,...please help us!'

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Paws for Thought!

'Hello, at the moment I am living in SARA, the animal shelter on Lanzarote where chaps like us are taken when we are not wanted. The people at SARA are amazing, but we need to have a proper home.  I am 2 years and 3 months, a medium size dog and if I say so myself, I'm rather cute!

'This is my little friend, Rudi, he's only 35cm, but he's a little older than me at 6 years and 10 months. Can you help me and my friends find a loving family to take us home...please!. Come along and meet us, we'll make a fuss of you, I promise! I hope we will see you very soon....friendly licks!'

Please go to SARA's web site to see more lovely animals who need your help

A Very Happy Ending!

'What must you think of my manners, I've been so busy running around the garden and being taken out in the car, that I haven't had time to lay my paws on the keyboard. But a big loud WOOF to say thank you to everyone who tried to help me. Don't worry any more, I'm a happy doggy!...Big sloppy licks to you all and woof woof thanks!'...Ted!

Sunday, 17 October 2010


"Hello I´m 3 years old and have a lovely pesonality. As you can see I´m not that big. I am really very sad at the moment because my step brother died and because of this I can´t stop crying, I´m sorry, but I howl everytime my mum, karen leaves me at the moment. I´ve lived with my mum since I was 6 weeks old and with a German shepard, I called my step brother. He used to carry me in his mouth as if I was little a baby, I loved it. And he was my best friend, we even slept curled up with each other every night. My nights are not only cold, but very lonely. But if you think this is bad, there is worse to come for me. You see my mum, Karen has to go back to England within the next month to look after her father as he is seriously ill and she cannot take me with her. We are both really upset and because of this she wants to find home a home for me. She wants a home where I´ll be as loved as I have been with them. I know she is scared it will break my heart when she goes, and I know it will, but if someone could love me and cuddle me I know I will get through this terrible time.. She has a car and said she can take me anywhere to anyone that might possibly be interested in taking me. If you can help, please please leave your details on this Blog and my mum will get back to you. Please think about giving me a loving home, I promise to be a good dog and love you back."