Sunday, 17 October 2010


"Hello I´m 3 years old and have a lovely pesonality. As you can see I´m not that big. I am really very sad at the moment because my step brother died and because of this I can´t stop crying, I´m sorry, but I howl everytime my mum, karen leaves me at the moment. I´ve lived with my mum since I was 6 weeks old and with a German shepard, I called my step brother. He used to carry me in his mouth as if I was little a baby, I loved it. And he was my best friend, we even slept curled up with each other every night. My nights are not only cold, but very lonely. But if you think this is bad, there is worse to come for me. You see my mum, Karen has to go back to England within the next month to look after her father as he is seriously ill and she cannot take me with her. We are both really upset and because of this she wants to find home a home for me. She wants a home where I´ll be as loved as I have been with them. I know she is scared it will break my heart when she goes, and I know it will, but if someone could love me and cuddle me I know I will get through this terrible time.. She has a car and said she can take me anywhere to anyone that might possibly be interested in taking me. If you can help, please please leave your details on this Blog and my mum will get back to you. Please think about giving me a loving home, I promise to be a good dog and love you back."

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