Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Not Too Old for Love!

'As you can see, I'm chilling, but at 15, I guess I can be excused. My name is Peggy Sue, and I suppose you could say I'm a little like the song, Pretty Pretty Peggy Sue, I exaggerate, but just a little! So no doubt you are asking yourself what is this beautiful dog doing on Waggy Tails Blog? I'm here because, my owners had to go back to the UK, they had no choice, health issues, so I am hoping you would think about taking me in. I'm an old lady and just need some tender loving care, lots of cuddles would be just wonderful. Thinking about it already has my tail wagging. The odd walk every now and then would also be nice too. And would you believe this, if you do take me any medical bills will be met by the lovely lady, Margaret. If you think you can let me live with you and you can spare the time to spoil me just a tad, please let WaggyTails know...Thank's my paw, go on shake it!'

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