Tuesday, 7 December 2010


'Hello you look like a kind person, my name is Escarlata and I am looking for someone like you to let me come and live with them. I did have a home before, but it wasn't very nice. In fact it was so bad that I had to be taken away. I'm now at SARA and they are doing there best, but is there a chance you will take me home? I'm a lovely pussy cat and very good, I love people and I love cuddles. So if you want a cuddly cat, then take me please. I'm not too good with other cats, not used to them, they scare me which makes me not like them. But if you just want one lovely cuddly pussy cat, then I promise, I will make the best pet you have ever had. By the way I am around 6 years old, a nice age don't you think?'

You don't have to live on Lanzatote to help Escarlata, procedures are in place to fly them to good homes in Europe.
For more information about Escarlata and other animals, please visit http://www.saraprotectora.org/

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