Monday, 13 December 2010

In the UK, but Not Quite Home!

"You are just not going to believe this, but I am talking to you from the UK! Yep, friends of SARA brought me here and I'm living at my Foster home for  the moment waiting for someone like you to take me home...please. Here is my story. I guess you've all heard about a cat on a hot tin roof, well I was your dog on a hot flat roof until I was taken in by SARA. That roof is where I had to live, believe you me, it was the worse place on earth. My name is Koki, and the vet tells me I'm a handsome chap around five or six years old and despite my grim life, I'm still a happy doggy. I can even smile. I can!  I'm house trained, I'm happy to mix with other dogs, but let me tell you a little secret, I love the car. So if you are wanting me to come out with you for long walks and we need to get in the car, I'll race you to it. I love walking. You know, before the lovely people at SARA took me, I could hardly walk. Living on a flat roof meant my claws were so curled into my pads I couldn't get about. Tell me you'll think about taking me to your home. As I said, I am in the UK so if you British people want me, please take me because I'm almost at your house. I promise you won't regret it. Come on, say you'll take me. A BIG lick to help you say yes!"

To learn more about Koki and how SARA can help you give him a home please visit:

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