Saturday, 4 December 2010

Flying High & Flying Home!

Nene so excited to be going home!
'I'm chasing my tail and going round and round in circles, I am that excited. You can never believe just how happy I am....yep I've got a home to go to and a family to love me. I am going to love that family so much. But before I get to giving them all those licks I have saved up for 5 years, I have a long journey ahead because I am not staying here on Lanzarote. The fantastic family who whose big house and even bigger garden I am going to race around in is in Belgium. You've guessed it, I'm flying there, no of course I'm not nervous, just excited. And as happy as I am, please please don't forget my other friends too; 180 other doggies and they want to go home soon. And if you are like my new family, you don't have to live here to have one of my friends. Everything is sorted to get them to you. Now how cool is that! You can see how cute my friends are by taking a look at SARA...please do. Big licks and don't forget my friends.'

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