Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Home for Tito - PLEASE!

Following the story about Milagros on the Blog below - Cruelty Beyond Words, Hope Beyond Belief,  an elderly man, having heard about Milagros, turned up at SARA'S. Sadly this is another tragic story, but with your help, it might end happily - Tito needs a home now, please read his story and if you can help, please contact SARA at or myself.

Two days ago an elder man stood at the doors of SARA clutching  a scruffy bundle. He explained that his wife was very ill and he had stopped looking after his dog, added, he had completely abandoned it. Asked why he had not given the dog to another person, he shrugged his shoulders, saying, “this is what I am here for”. The dog was handed over to SARA, the dog's name Tito. His condition, almost as bad Milagros. Even though he has all his limbs, there appears to be something wrong with him - possible Parkinson's - Tito shakes a great deal. His age is guessed at around  17 years. He has very few teeth, needless to say eating is a big problem for him.
At SARA we can only guess the man heard about Milagros' story and thought he should do  something with his dog. Poor little Tito. The photos below show you how he now looks after wonderful care from the people at SARA, and how he looked when he arrived, another distressing story. But please, if you can foster him or adopt him, please contact us, he needs lots of love for what is left of his please!


  1. Oh, that poor dog. How could anyone let such a thing happen?

    I hope this story has a happy ending. And soon.

  2. Hi Shirley thanks, we all have everything crossed! xx