Wednesday, 9 February 2011


"No I'm not tired, just dreaming maybe sitting here, you looking at me, my dreams will come true. My name, Tulula, three years old and a sweet natured girl.'

"I'm a white fluffy boy, 2 1/2 years old and my name is Coco, OK you can smile, better to call me Coco than not to call me at all. Come along and shake my paw and take me home with you."

"I'm frozen! I had to have all my fluffy long fur shaved off, don't ask! Thanks to my lovely new coat, I'm managing to keep warm, though a hug from you would certainly make a difference. By the way, I'm Pichi, 9 years old and like all my friends at SARA we want to go home."

"Cute, fluffy and hoping! I'm Duato, 2 year old boy. If you can't help, please tell your family and friends and everyone you know. Maybe one of them might.....take me home."

"Look into my name is Angelica, I am 6 years old a young lady, and like everyone at SARA, looking for a home."

"I'm just 9 months old, Gatito Love 1 (Amor) hope I can live up to this name and have someone to love."

These animals and many more live at SARA, all have been abandoned. Please take a look at SARA's web site, tell your family and friends, ask them to follow this Blog. The more who know, the more chance these animals have of going home - thank you!

SARA arranges transportation to your home even if you live in UK, Germany and Europe.
SARA is a charity and relies on donations and help.


  1. Obviously I want them all. Let's hope that people who can actually home them do as well. Good luck!

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks, hopefully they will all get homes in the end. They are all gorgeous! x