Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Hearts & Licks!

No doubt many of you received cards, flowers, chocolates or gifts from someone who loves you for Valentine's Day. Sadly the animals at SARA received nothing, they sit and wait for someone to love them, cuddle them and take them home.  One or two came along to say hello and shake paws.
Please tell your family and friends and maybe these animals will soon have a Valentines.

I'm Delga, 8 years old, girl

Mercedes is my name, 18 months, girl


Hello, I'm Chucky, a 3 year old boy
I'm Edu, a boy, 2 years old
News Update - I'm going home, I've got a new mummy & daddy...woofing!

My name is Rey Arthur - King Arthur to you!
Update - I'm flying to Germany very soon to my new family...result!

All of these animals and more can be seen at http://saraprotectora.org/index.php please take a look and help if you can, if not please follow this Blog to keep updated with all new stories and pictures.
Please note SARA can arrange transport of animals to you if you live in UK, France, Germany, Belgium.


  1. HRH looks as if he needs a big bowl of food and lots of cuddles. :(

    Aw, they're all lovely. Hope they find good homes soon.

  2. As always thanks from me and the animals for taking time to stop by. Hugs from me, licks from our lost friends! x