Monday, 3 January 2011

If Dreams Could Come True!

"I bet you'll never guess what I'm dreaming about right now? I'm dreaming about sitting on your lap, living in your house and purring all the time because you want me as your pussy cat. I dream this all the time, everyday and even when I'm not sleeping!  I'm Angelica, I'm six years old and I am yours if you will have me."

"I'm Little Lady and I'm dreaming too, but I've also got my eyes and ears open, because I'm looking out for you. I don't want to miss you just in case you say yes and take me home. I'm nearly 11 months old, and like my friend Angelica, I just want to have someone to love and to love me......say you'll think about it."

For more information about Angelica and Little Lady, plus all the other animals ar SARA please visit

SARA will arrange animals to be brought to you if you live in Europe. Animals have been adopted, in UK, Germany, Belgium.


  1. Here's hoping dreams come true

  2. Thanks Helen, we can just keep trying and one day...:)