Monday, 24 January 2011

That Four Letter Word - HOME!

I'm called Pera and almost 11 months. As you can see I'm a happy girl, I saw you coming. Jumping with joy to say Hello and hoping it is me you are going to take home!

**Breaking News - I have got a home. I am going home, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how happy I am, lick lick! **

You've got a kind face, thanks for stopping by, please don't leave without taking one of us. My name is Brebon, I'm eleven years old.

No I'm not crying, just wishing for a new home, people to love me and well, I think you can guess...sniff sniff I promise to love you forever! I'm just 7 months, my name is Lula.

Ok I'm having a bad hair day, you can't blame a girl when she's been abandoned. I'm Susi by the way, Yorkshire terrier, 11 years old. I brush up really smart.Go on say you'll think about me and take me home! Something special about me, I have a chip - it is a UK registered chip I am registered in the UK, if you are my owner, please come and collect me...please!

Please visit and help the animals there. SARA can arrange to get the animals to your home if you live in the UK or Europe. There are many dogs and cats all needing a home - thank you for meeting some of them.
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  1. Oh no, there are 2 11-year-olds. Sob. It's always the old ones I feel most sorry for. We rescued one of ours when he was 9 and I thought he was getting on a bit. He's still going strong 5 years later.

    Hope these lovely animals find homes soon!

  2. Paulie, They're all adorable. I applaud your efforts and hope they bear fruit.

  3. A HUGE thank you Shirley & Wendy for stopping by and even more importantly, following. These chaps and many more need help. Hugs to you both xx